Düden waterfalls

Hiii guys, so first off all I'm so so so sorry that I didn't write for like 3 weeks.. But I was so busy with school with my finals and everything. Now I have a one week break of school so I'll be more active than I was before.

So I didn't finished sharing my trip in Turkey, so therefor I'll continue where I left off.

I always wanted to see a waterfall in real life. And yes, I didn't see one before this one. So my dad made a little surprise by bringing me to this one. And I'm so lucky that I have seen one, it was absolutely beautiful, wished that I was there right now..  I feel so blessed that I have been there, like really please look at the pictures doesn't it look stunning! I literally in love, and I miss it so bad.. 

This waterfall is in Turkey near by Antalya, the name off the waterfall is düden waterfalls. In the evening we went a little boating.

My outfit was really simple because we had a swim before we went to the waterfalls. 
shirt: Zara
short: H&M

With love,

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  1. Echt hele mooie foto's.. Wat zal dit prachtig zijn geweest in het echt!

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