My blog officially launched in begin 2014 with any expectation of it becoming what it is today, and what it will be in the upcoming days. It was, and continues to be a journey of which my readers have become a part of. A journey of who I am through what I'm wearing and what I am inspired by. A journey that will continue to be developed, to be improved, and continue to inspire. 

Born with Turkish roots on one side and Dutch on the other, being a multicultural 17 year old teen is so    much fun.  Even while I'm completing a four-year degree at one of the Netherlands high schools. Having a family in both of the city's, being loved and love is amazing.

I always had the goal of launching my own creative outlet, one shares a standard of living for fashion, travel and healthy living. Trying to always stay positive and look forward to the doors that will open for me. Being so grateful for the girl that I've become, and will be. 

I thank you from the bottom of my heart for being part of my story.

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