Water colder than ice

Ice cold water is flowing off the mountains. Water that's colder than ice, lets your heart beat faster even can get a heart attack. We were spending our last morning in Alanya in ice cold water. Up to the mountains, there were this kind off places everywhere. It was beautiful, sitting on benches above the water. Honestly I didn't sat there, not even once. I was continue in the water, because it was so joyful and fun. There were water slides and stepping stones, but at first I didn't want to get in the water because of everybody's reaction when they got in, and yes they got as soon as possible out off the water. But I managed myself to get in, when I finally got in I got out in a second because I thought that my heart was going to stop beating. It was so cold. But well knowing me I was the whole morning in ice cold water, and only me. Everybody springs in and get as soon as possible out, but no what am I doing, I swim like I liked it, and honestly yes I did. (Well everybody was thinking what a crazy human being I was haha) It was so warm that day, when I got out of the water it was like I was back in the netherlands. It was so cold!

We drew off the mountains back to the castle where we were the other day. When we were driving we came along a camel. And my dad always said to me you're going to drive a camel one day, well that day was this day. And it was fun and relaxing (even though it wasn't that comfortable, and oh the view was amazing btw!). 

We drove to the castle to see it in day light, honestly I liked the view more at night. But that's because you see those beautiful lights. When we went at night, there was even lightning at the top off the mountains on the other side which was beautiful. 

Because it was so warm and we were sweating like crazy, we decided to go to the beach for an hour. The waves at the sea's in Antalya are like crazy, they flush us away. Kinda fun though. 

(I didn't take much pictures with my face on it because my hair was always wet and my face was just not photo worthy haha) 

With love, 

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  1. Turkije, gaaf joh! De natuur ziet er zo mooi uit! Brr... nu het buiten regent moet ik echt niet aan zulk koud water denken :)

    1. Jaaa dat klopt! Koud water zou nou ook niet echt lekker zijn maar als het zo warm is als daar is het zo fijn! Liefs

  2. Wow these pictures look so amazing! It must have been great to be there :) With love, Carmen

  3. wow great pics

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  4. Stunning pictures!
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  5. Wow, it looks so beautiful there :)

    Liebste Grüße ♥
    Mai von Sparkle & Sand

  6. What amazing pictures you took! Looks beautiful there :-) Carina


  7. Oeh dat lijkt me ook echt heel koud! Wel weer zulke mooie foto's, wauw.

  8. Oeh dat lijkt me ook echt heel koud! Wel weer zulke mooie foto's, wauw.

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