One off the most beautiful beaches in the world

So everybody is posting about autumn and the cold and I'm like no guys you can't let go off summer. No just joking, I'm posting my last photo's off my vacation and then I'll start posting about my autumn looks and inspirations (really excited about).

So last summer I've been in Fethiye, Turkey. You can find there one off the most beautiful beaches in the world. And no I'm not kidding. Ölüdeniz is in the top 3 off most beautiful beaches in the world. Always wanted to go there, and luckily last summer I went there. Real paradise. The water had 3 colors and it was absolutely beautiful, the weather was calm and sunny and it wasn't that busy. We stayed there for like 3 days. And I made so many beautiful pictures, but I can't show you all because that would be to much. 

with love, 

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  1. Oh, ik wil ook echt naar Turkije! Ziet er zo mooi uit X

  2. Wonderful photos! I can relate a bit, I live in Ibiza and here it is still quite hot, I can still wear flowy dresses and some people even still take baths in the sea and everyone else is talking about how cold it is :D In my hometown there has even snowed already this year :D

    xx Tara
    Tara Semira – Ibiza, fashion, lifestyle

  3. Amazing backgrounds! You make my day!