non-..... week update

Hello, so as I said, I had a non-bread week this week. And I was doing pretty well. I made myself a salad everyday. Ofcourse not the same salad everyday, I tried out different things. But I must say, it's hard. Like you don't get used to it. Isn't it weird that you can eat bread everyday and don't get enough off it (at least I don't), and when you eat salad for a week you get enough off it. Maybe it's because you need to put more effort in making a salad than bringing bread to school.. But I'm proud, I finished it so at least I know that I can survive a week without bread. And if I can do it, you can do it. 

The thing is that I "cheated" 3 days. Not from bread, but from being healthy. Ofcourse you can have a "cheat" day. But I had 3 cheat days.. But well, what can I say, next time better right?

So my goal for the upcoming week is to eat no sugar at all. I can handle that.. No chocolate.. Yes I can! Maybe.. Okay, no jokes. I can do that. I only eat chocolate as sugar, and only pure 73% cacao chocolate bar. I can skip that for one week, I mean just for one week. I'm going to try to not eat bread to, so the goal off this week still goes on for upcoming week, at least I'm going to try. 

So upcoming week I have a non-sugar week

This is the first time I made a gif, I got the inspiration to do this from my friend Demi. What do you think off it? Should I make every week a gif from my non-... week updates?

With love, 

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  1. Don't call it cheat days! I promise you it will go much easier that way. I eat healthy (or I try to do so) about 80% of the time, but I never call any meals, cheat meals because that makes me feel bad haha.

    Either way best of luck!


  2. Wow ben benieuwd naar je ervaring, lijkt me erg moeilijk om een week geen suikers te eten! x