non-bread week

Hiii, so I'm going to try a week not eating any kind off bread. I always eat bread at school, but next week I'm going to try to have a non-bread week. Hope that's going to work, because I get hungry so fast! I tried this weekend to eat no bread at all, and it's going well, I mean I eat yogurt and crackers and smoothies and I must admit bread is like a easy way to go. You just take a slice and spread something on it and you're done. And I think a non-bread weekend is easier than a non-bread week and a specially when you're going to school. Cause you can't eat yogurt or you can't make a quick smoothie. Well you can make it before school in the morning, but I don't think that it'll stay good and it probably won't taste as nice as it needs to be.

So sometimes when I make a quinoa salad, or just a normal salad for diner, I'll make lots so I can bring it the day a head to school as well. Making a salad every night takes time okay, I admit it. But if you want to reach something you need to do something for it right? And really I look forward to try this goal, and I think I'm going to set a goal for every week. Like for example, a non-salt week, or a non-sugar week. I don't eat much salt or sugar, well barely nothing. Sometimes I take a 75% cacao chocolate bar, but that's it for sugar. And salt, I'm trying to use as little salt as I can. Sometimes, when I have a moment that I just want to snack I'll take salted popcorn, that's it.

So what am I wearing? A white blouse from Zara, a dark denim jeans from pull&bear, white shoes with lace from Toms. 

I really look forward to set a goal every week! What do you think off my non-.... weeks? And btw I really think that the pictures came out well!

With love,

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  1. Succes met je geen brood week, ik eet eigenlijk nooit brood, haha! xo

    1. Dankjewel! Oh echt, dat is echt goed! Wat eet je dan in plaats van brood? xx

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