Hello, so this week went so fast! I already have weekend. No this doesn't count for every week. Because it's hemelvaart today and tomorrow. So today I was editing a movie on imovie of my vacation last year, I didn't have used imovie before but I kind off know how to use it. Well let's say that I make progress. But oh what a time do I have to spent in editing a movie. Well luckily I don't do it often, well if I did I wouldn't mind because it's not that boring, it's kind off fun.

A friend came to edit a movie for school around 12 o'clock. Because I sleep long I didn't had much time for breakfast/lunch, so I wanted to show you guys what a simple, quick and easy breakfast/lunch I did make today. And I promise it taste delicious. I think you heard off it before, because these days everybody eats this kind of food. Because everybody tries to live a 'healthy life', and I'm proud off the people who try it. A healthy lifestyle is not only eating healthy, it's also loving and caring your body. Be proud who you are and you are a step a head. And yes I'm one off those people who are trying to live healthy. And I feel so happy, healthy and most off the time positive.

So I made 2 crackers with all sort seeds on it. Crackers are not the best choice you can make but well it taste delicious and I don't eat it often. If you don't have crackers in house you can try roasted bread to!

So all you need is:
1/2 avocado 
peanut butter (you can take almond butter as well)
1/2 banana 
2 slices bread or 2 crackers 

so all you need to do is cut the banana's in slices, take the peanut butter (or almond), spread it on one off your toast or cracker and put the sliced banana on top off it. Then you need to cut the avocado in a half, take the half and spread it all over your toast or cracker. And tada you're done. It doesn't even take 5 minutes and it taste fantastic!

Hope you like it, leave a comment what you think off it and if you're going to try it. I really want to know what you guys are eating in the morning.

With love, 

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  1. Cracker met pindakaas en banaan is echt heavenly! En je maakt zulke toffe foto's ♥

  2. Oh dit ziet er geweldig uit! Toffe foto's!

  3. ziet er heel erg lekker uit, yumm

  4. lovely blog :) kisses:)