Nikon vs Canon

So guys, I want to buy a camera. A Nikon or a Canon. I think I go for a Nikon d3200 because my friend Demi told me things about it, and it really sounds like a good and an affordable one. Because I'm like a 'beginner' in photography I don't want to start with a expensive camera (actually I began with a expensive camera, because the one that's Demi using is really not as cheat as you may think..). So maybe I'll do like a quick research and ask more advice from Demi, but I think I'm going for the Nikon d3200. And guess what, I already know which lens I want. I'm not buying it now cause I've not that much money left because I also have to pay my driving lessons. Because I go this summer on a trip to Turkey for 5 weeks, I planned to buy my camera before the holidays so that I can make pictures in Turkey and show you guys the beautiful country (but I will be talking about this in the upcoming posts). When I actually have my own camera I really hope that I grow in photography and make progress in it, because I really like taking photo's. 

And now that we're talking about driving lessons. Oh I'm so excited about that. I really enjoy riding, even though I find it scary sometimes. Because I've like a real drama in my head that goes like: Oh no you're going to hit a car, don't drive to far to the left because there are other cars to (like yes of course it's a roadway). But I eventually find it really exciting although I had my second lesson yesterday, so let's hope that I'll always look that positive to my drivings lessons (hell yeah)
The picture above is a out take from this outfit post 

What camera do you use? 

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  1. I have a Nikon and I am so happy with it : ) But then I have seen some amazing photos people took with Canon, such a hard decision :D
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  2. Canon for the win! Ik heb altijd met Canon gewerkt en ik vind het geweldig, de meeste grote bloggers hebben ook een Canon :) xo

    1. Oh echt, nu begin ik weer te twijfelen.. Ik was zo zeker over de nikon haha. Maar toch bedankt voor de tip! xx