Hello June

Hello! So June came so fast! I feel like yesterday was still winter. Haha maybe that's because the weather yesterday was so bad! Rainy sunday, oh well June came in fantastic! Todays weather was beautiful, the sun was shining and the sky was blue. It could have been a little warmer, but that's going to happen. This week is going to be so warm, like crazy. And I'm going to enjoy it as much as possible.

I'm showing you in the pictures what I'm enjoying the most when I sit in the sun. And because this week is going to be really sunny, I thought why not show you guys what I'll be spending my time on this week, and every week if it's sunny.

I recently am loving the book IT from Alexa Chung. You definitely have heard about it, cause everybody is talking about it recently. But it's worth reading, I get so inspirational off this book. You definitely need to take a look!

My macbook. I'm stil thanking my parent for this gift! Often people say that using a macbook is so difficult.. But that's so not true. Well for me, you get used to it in a day, really!

My sunglasses, can't do without them! Specially now when the sun is shining. my eyes get really hurt when the sun is shining. So the sunglasses are a must!

My lovely cactus! I could have placed any other flower instead. I love flowers so looking at them makes me always happy.

Quote off IT book - Alexa Chung; The other day a completely shocking thing happened. A man who wanted to ask me out for a drink actually phoned me rather than texting. Actually asked me how I was, actually was bold enough to have a proper conversation with me rather than giving my instagrams the thumbs up as a flirtation device. Whatever next? 

I really like this, this is real humanity. Like yes it's so true, boys these days likes a photo off you on instagram as a flirtation device, and they will text and date.  That's not how it needs to be! Come on.. I picked out this part off the book because it's true and this is like 99% how it's happening these days.

With love,

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