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Hiii, so these 2 shots are the only shots I liked from the 1000shots Demi made of me. So next time i'll wear the same outfit and hopefully the photo's will turn out nicely so I can make a proper outfit post of it. 

So I wanted to tell you about how I've changed my life style. Because first, like a year ago, well let's say my whole life, I was so lazy. I didn't do any sports at all and wasn't eating healthy. A year ago I started to change a bit. Started doing home exercise program, the 30 day shred. I don't know if you know that challenge, but it's from Jillian Michaels. The challenge was hard at the beginning but I got used to it. That way I started eating healthier and just getting a healthier lifestyle over all.

But when the holidays came, it didn't went well. Well the holiday was great, but we ate a lot of food at restaurants, which isn't always good and healthy. After the holidays I wanted to make a start again, my friend Demi is doing kickbox. She asked me to join a lesson, so I did. Oh my arms were burning for 3 days. even though I didn't like kickboxing that much I did start fitnessing. Which I'm still doing. I'm doing fitness for a month now I think. And it's going pretty well. I've started to see the results, which makes me very happy. And i've also noticed that a healthier lifestyle makes me happier over all and in general more excited about things.

I wanted to share this because I thought this would be interesting to write about and this is a big part of my life. My goal is just that I'll get a healthier body and lifestyle. So if I keep working out, eating healthy and pushing myself the results will come. And if you don't do it and you're happy keep doing what you do, because being happy is the most important.
I hope you enjoyed reading this article, and I'll see you in my next post!

The top is from &other stories
the pants is from pull&bear
shoes are from dolcis
bag is from finnz 

With love,

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