Berlin shopping!

Hiiii, so as you know I went to Berlin with school and I already made a post about my trip. This post is going to be about what I bought in Berlin. In the other post I gave you quick information about the things I bought in Berlin. But in this post I'm into the details.

But first of all, I'm so excited because my parents bought me an Iphone 5s, I told you about it in this post and it's coming today wooooh (yes as you read I'm verrrrry excited). I choose the gold one, because I think it's pretty. I also like the white one, but because I've now an Iphone 4 white, it would feel the same to me.. I thought lets do something different.

I bought:

a pair off nike free run (black, couldn't find it on the site sorry);
creme from rituals;
eos lip balm (strawberry sorbet) from the Douglas;
a T-shirt from Zara (couldn't find it on the site sorry) ; 
a shirt from &other stories (btw i love this shop sooooo much! couldn't find it on the site sorry);
an anti-pimple stick from the brand named Sans Soucis;
2 lipsticks from Mac (creme in your coffee & taupe);
a blush (blushbaby) from Mac.

I wrote the link in the word, so you can have a look on the product what I've bought in Berlin

( I'm really sorry for the bad quality of this picture, but it's because it was raining outside so the light was not good )

Let's start with the mac lipsticks, I've now been wanting the mac lipstick (creme in your coffee) for 2 months. And yeah you can ask why didn't I just ordered it on the website, but I didn't want that because I knew that I was going to Berlin so yeah that's the reason of that. But I truly love that color so much! 

The mac blush came later when I was at the mac cosmetic store. I knew that I needed a new blush so I thought why not buying it now? So well I did, it was a little bit over priced but well can't do anything about it. 

The eos lipbalm! You don't even want to know for how long I have wanted that one! And now you can ask me of course why didn't you ordered, well the sending prise was so much that I didn't want to do that. My friend and I promised each other (she went to London) that when we saw a lip balm we were going to buy 2 of that. One for me, one for her. And I saw one at Douglas ( I was soooo happy) and I bought it directly. And then there's that haha.

Now the nikes, I needed new sport shoes and I wanted nikes and I saw then so I bought them hahah. Well I'm loving them because they are so comfortable! I really recommend you to try it because it's like you're in heaven with shoes haha.

Hahahah little update about my life,  as you know I'm writing this post at the moment but I'm also waiting for my Iphone. Now there came someone for the post at the front of our house, and well I was so excited that I ran to the door to open it, and I opened it. And the girl was staring at me like I was crazy haha. But she wasn't bringing me my Iphone but just some newspapers. Not funny! :(

Okay, I bought the tops because I really like stripes and they where cute. 

And the I bought the creme because I knew that it hydrated your skin well because I used it before with a tester but I didn't want to buy it because I thought it was too expensive, but in Berlin I did because there was a cute box with little thing in it and I just couldn't not buy it. (you could get the box if you bought above the €25,- euro)

The sans souci is a fun story, well not fun but idk there is a story haha. So I was in berlin (obviously) and I was sleeping with 3 other girls (friends of mine haha) and one girl said like: "don't look at my face at night because before I sleep I'm putting something white on my face, and it really helps for your pimples to go away". So of course I didn't believe it, so she said: "let me put it on your face for 3 days and see the results" (btw you only need to put a little bit on you pimple). So I thought why not, so I let her do that for 3 days (you need to do it at night!). O my god, it really worked, well not everything was gone obviously but is was much less than it was before. So I bought it to, and now the funny part, I came home the first night. And when I was about to use it, I dropped it and it broke. So goodbye 15 euro's. 

Wow this post came out waaaaay to long, sorry for that. I hope you enjoyed reading my post and I'll see you in the next post

With love,

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  1. Oh you got such cute things! The striped shirt is beautiful : ) Hope you had a great time in Berlin!
    Céline blogging on

    1. I like the striped shirt to! It's so comfy, and looks cute! X