Adidas Stan Smith

Hiiii, so you have probably seen my new babies. Well new, I bought them a half year ago but that doesn't matter. I constantly forget to write an article about it, well here it is. I'm finally writing about my new obsession. I'm wearing my adidas stan smith a lot. Not only because it fits by nearly everything but also because they give my look that little extra. I like that it has that green in the back. Because the whole shoe is white, and it has like a green detail in the back. And it's not that it takes the attention too much. No, it's just that little extra detail that completes the shoe/outfit.

I like white shoes. Like my converse, I have worn them so much and still wearing them. But not that often anymore because I have my adidas. And I think they are definitely perfect for now. Because it's a little bit thick so when the weather is cold, your feet is still warm.

With love,

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  1. Lovely sport shoes! Perfect for a spring outfit!
    Greetings from Romania!