So as you may know or not know, I'm now in my exam year. Next year I want to study law, and I'm so excited about that. Because I'll be studying out of my hometown, and I'll just have more experiences. But I can't lie about how hard and busy I'm with my last year school. I just finished my school exams a couple weeks ago, and they went terrible. I've studied so hard, and what I got back is nothing but bad notes. And I'm definitely not proud. But now I know that I need to study harder.

I did all my homework (well all, not all but most of them) yesterday, because I'll be in Eindhoven today with my mother and aunt. We are going to visit my aunt in Eindhoven. Really excited about that because I haven't seen her in months.

What I mostly do on a sunday is just chill, just what a sunday stands for. You can find me the whole day sitting on the couch with a blanket, my laptop and some cup of my favorite clipper tea! Watching series, and just enjoying me time. Ofcourse I'll be doing things for school, cause I can't skip a day without doing something for school. I'll just watch some youtube video's, cause that's definitely something I like to do!

I hope you enjoy your sunday, just keep positive and I'll see you in my next post!

With love,

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  1. Don't worry,I'm sure you'll get good grades and next year I'll see a post with you from the law school.

  2. Yes lovely, nice tips dear, keeep sharing i love your posts!
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