The city off..

So yesterday I went with Kim to Amsterdam. What a day was that. Because we don't go often to Amsterdam we wanted to have the whole day to spent there. We needed to get up at 5am. We went with the bus to Eindhoven at 6.30am and our train came like 7.30am. So we had a quick breakfast in the time that we needed to wait. Then or train came, we're not so often gone by train, so it was a bit new to us. Because we are not so useful we could not find our first train. Oh what was that dramatically. We knew which line we had, but there was an a and a b which sounds perfectly normal. We arrived at line 5a but we needed to have b, so obviously we panicked because we were wrong. It turned out that a and b have the same train.. Fortunately we were able to find our train just in time. Well after 2 stops, there came people sitting next to us. Which again is normal haha. But suddenly I got the giggles because Kim started to look weird to me because the guy who was sitting next to her was looking so strange. But because I was laughing, the situation got a bit awkward because I could see that they were thinking that I laughed at them. Jup not so smart.. 

At the end we were in amsterdam at 9am. A bit early because the stores were open at 10 o'clock. So we went a bit sight seeing, looking where which store was and the hotspots. So an hour went by, and we knew a little bit where which store was. So it was easier to find a store. We were very lucky with the weather because it rained like 2 times heavy, and the rest of the day was the sun shining. I did't bought a lot off stuf, just a sweater from the brandy melville and a top from the mango and some little things but more about this in the upcoming post. 

And at the end off a lovely day, we got to eat at Sumo. I don't know if you know that restaurant, but if you love sushi you need to come to Sumo one time in your life. It's delicious, and the restaurant looks so nice and lovely. So that was a nice ending off our day. 

Hope you enjoyed reading, and have you ever been to Amsterdam and did you like it? 
Sorry for the bad quality photo's they were made with my Iphone 5s, and the wetter wasn't at his best. 

With love,

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  1. Hiya babe, what a beautiful place i thought people only go there for weed lol but it seems like an amazing and romantic place to go to , wanted to go there with m fiance this year x
    thanks for sharing this with us.

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    Have a lovely week!
    Stay in touch.

    Dominica S.

    1. Yes, the whole world thinks that Amsterdam so your not the only one. But it's actually not, well maybe that's how I see it haha. I recommend you to definitely go, it's nice, and something different. You're welcome. X

  2. Beautiful pictures! I love Amsterdam, going there today actually, haha. xo