Happy days

Hello, so I've good news I passed my car theory friday. I'm so happy that I finally made it. It was my second time, but well better later than never right? The first time was worser than worse. Really, I'm not even kidding. It was not that I didn't know what I needed to do or something, but it was just that I became so nervous. I thought well it's just a theory exam, I can handle that. Well guess not.. At the beginning there was nothing, but when it was my turn and I needed to go to the room for the exam I was terrified. I was sitting there and I was completely shaking, didn't know what to think or do. That was the reason why I didn't pass the first time. But the second time, I was just chill and relax. I was just deeply breathing in and out the whole time, it sounds really stupid but it works so why not do it right? And again it was my turn, walked into the room sat at the 9th computer. Breathed in and out, and was just making all the questions slowly and taking the time (well I hadn't had much time, I just had 15 seconds per question). But it went great, I had the feeling that I passed. The exam was over and I saw a thumb up, that means that I passed. I was so excited.

Now the bad.. Well actually not that bad, but it's not a nice thing. School is starting tomorrow, and I don't want to go but of course I go because I'm compulsory education until my 18th. But I need to so many things for school, and didn't start. I always make my things at the end, and that is such a bad feature off me. And I always say that I need to start early, but I sadly never do.. 

I'm wearing my Zara scarf, Zara blouse, Zara basic T-shirt, Pull&Bear black jeans finishing with a Oozoo watch and some earrings. Hope you enjoyed reading, and I'll see you in my next post. 

And how is your week going, did some nice things?

With love, 

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  1. Congratulations lovely, great news! x


  2. Congratulations lovely, great news! x


  3. Gefeliciteerd met je auto theorie! Ik moet er binnenkort ook aan geloven... Hele mooie foto's, knappe meid ben je!

    Liefs x

    1. Dat is lief, super erg bedankt! En heel veel succes met je theorie. X