First day in Alanya || castle of Alanya

Being in a country where you feel free and be around people who you love and give love is such an amazing feeling. When I'm here I feel so lucky to have this opportunity to go to a country where you have people who have amazing souls. I come across every kind of people. Ofcourse you experience this everywhere, where you meet people who are different in an amazing way. But here it's different, and I don't know why. My family here are so beautiful on the inside, they don't think about money or expensive stuf. They are not the richest people around, but they appreciate what they have.

When we arrived in Alanya I saw so many people who don't have that 'much' money, but I also saw people who have lots of money to spent (I don't call them rich or poor, because I see everybody the same way). The difference is so big. But they don't care they are happy and that's an amazing, that makes me so happy.

On the first day we went to the beach (so blue and beautiful). We had such a fun time, well couldn't be different if you are with people who have amazing souls. Ofcourse in the Netherlands I have family and friends to, but here it's different. Maybe because we don't see those people often, once a year. This doesn't mean that the people who are around me in the Netherlands don't have beautiful souls, yes they have. All of them. I think that everyone has a beautiful side. That makes us human. So okay done with this spiritual talk haha. (sorry if you got bored, but I wanted to tell you what I felt when I got there. I appreciate every little thing here.) Then we went to an restaurant, and the food was amazing! When we where done with dinner we went to the castle of Alanya. That had an amazing view!

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