Iced coffee

First of all sorry for not posting lately. This week has been very exhausting. I had my finals so I needed to learn a lot for the last time of this school year, but now it's all done luckily. But I can't say that I have officially vacation, because I have still 2 weeks left. But I barely go to school in those weeks. It feels that I've vacation because now I have actually so much free time, so that means that you can find me often on my blog. I will post regularly, and I hope you like it.

So this post is about my favorite drink. Because lately it's so warm in the Netherlands like 35 degrees all the time. And I personally don't like the weather this way because it's so warm, except if I'm swimming then you don't actually feel the heat. But the weather makes you really tired and lazy. So iced coffee is perfect for this wetter. It wakes you up and it's so refreshing. And it's so easy to make!

You just make your normal coffee. So when your coffee is still warm you put milk in it if you like or not, I prefer putting milk in my coffee cause I don't like the coffee flavor so much. When you're done with making your coffee in how you like it you can put some ice cream in you warm coffee. I putted 2 table spoons carmel ice cream in my coffee cause I wanted to have a little caramel taste in my coffee. So when you're done putting some ice cream in your coffee (what flavor you like, but I recommend to put chocolate, caramel or mocha), put your coffee in the fridge and let is rest for an hour. When you coffee is cold put some ice cubes in it and if you like some whipped cream (I prefer not). And your all done! A nice iced coffee doesn't need to be expensive. And enjoy!

Let me know if you're going to try it and if you liked it!

With love,

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