Counting the days. (38 days to go)

Hello, so you're probably thinking, why counting the days? Well because it's almost vacation and I'm going on a trip to turkey for 5 weeks. Yes you've heard it right, usually we stay there around 5/6 weeks because my dads family lives there. But this time we'll do something different. Because I told my parents that I didn't want to stay that long anymore. Okay we live near by Istanbul ( distance off 30 minutes ), and that's pretty cool I'll admit, but staying 5 weeks gets boring.. So I always love to see new things, and exploring new places. When I told my parent that I get bored when we're there for like 2 weeks, my parents agreed. Then I came with the plan to travel in turkey, go to nice places, mountains, see waterfalls. I get excited when I think about it.

Last year we went to Ardahan for the first time in my life, the place where my dad was born. It was so beautiful, I loved it more everyday. So I've persuaded my parents to go again this year. But I wil probably more about this in my upcoming post, but for now I think this is enough.

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  1. exploring the country sounds so good! I bet you'll have lots of fun during these 5 weeks..

    Love, Carola // VIENNA WEDEKIND