Basic but still nice

Hii! So a while ago i wore a white comfortable sweater with basic denim jeans, honestly it's one of my favorite outfits cause it's basic but it still looks nice. I finished my outfit with a pair of brown boots. I think my boots where really good combinated by my coat cause it makes my outfit done. As accessories i had a black bag and i wore a black with gold necklace and white earrings.

Furthermore i won't really do anything special. I'm going to school and later today i'm going to work. These days i'm really busy with school cause in about a month i have exams so i need to study but i didn't even start. That's like something what i hate about myself, I'm always procrastinating. Like i don't care, but actually i care. I'm a little weird i know, i don't even get myself. Hope you all having a great day!

with love, 

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